I know what you’re going to say.

No, this wasn’t based on either of the two stout fellows who live with me. I found this image of a bathtub and drew it last week; a few days later I started drawing, just to fill the space, and this is what came about. I can’t explain why it resembles them. Maybe it was just a subconscious rendering of my roommate and darling husband. I honestly think it was just the realization that most standard bathtubs don’t fit anyone.  The last time I remember being comfortable in a bathtub was at age 10.  I’m not a big person, at 5’2 (and 3/4) with a relatively small frame, I may be able to sit in the tub, but where does my head go? The way the tub slopes to meet the cold tile is just not a very ergonomic angle. Sure the water is warm and the bubbles are enchanting, but the cost of soapy relaxation is always paid by your spine.

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