live models

I know, I missed last week’s post, but I’m bribing you with pictures of naked ladies…

I have a good reason for missing the post: I was in Las Vegas at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. The extended weekend was filled with performances by old burlesque performers from the 50s and contemporary performers. After three nights of 3-4 hour long shows I think I’ve had my fill of T and A, but the performances were amazing. My friend Jessica encouraged me to go with her. She says she wishes she could bottle the night when the old ladies perform and show it to every young woman in America. These old broads, some in their 80s, would flounce across stage in heels I’ve never seen an octogenarian wear, and shake it like a bottle of Metamucil.  It was amazing and inspiring to see their confidence and charisma on stage and off.

Anyway, among the other events last week was a Dr. Sketchy’s session. Dr. Sketchy’s is a drawing event that asks the very important question, “Why can’t drawing nude models be sexy?” For those of you who have drawn live models in school, you’ll probably agree that it’s anything but sexy. At Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School they invite burlesque performers to model, and perform a number or two before the session starts. The pictures above are the fruit of my drawing at Dr.  Sketchy’s.

Nice, yes?

I think I’ll be re-visiting the Dr. Sketchy’s in SF sometime soon. And I recommend you do the same.

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