comida navideña

Now that Christmas has past I find myself in that gluttonous position where I am home on vacation and surrounded by all the leftovers from last week. Holiday food only comes around once a year so I feel like I really have to make the most of it. And Christmas time is one of the few times of year when I think about (and actively crave) the traditional foods of New Mexico. This includes posole stew, tamales, and meaty red chile sauce.

We often have extra red chile left over from filling the tamales, so I try to use it on everything I can think of. This morning the result was huevos rancheros. There are thousands of different versions of huevos rancheros; it just depends upon where you’re coming from. Naturally, I’m making the kind I remember growing up and (most importantly) the kind I enjoy: corn/flour tortilla, melted sharp cheddar, red chile, and a fried egg on top.


the lava flow of yolk is very important

last bite

And just so they don’t feel left out, here are the tamales

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